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Technical approach / objectives

The project will establish pertinent application categories (among them: µCHP, CHP, decentralised electricity production, etc.), establish benchmarks from the performance of competing power generating technology (in the different EU countries), identify the technical and economic targets for the key applications, and review the potential of the different fuel cell technologies to fulfil them. The goal is to collect all data necessary in evaluating the performance of stationary fuel cells in the European energy markets (predominately heat and electricity) and paving the way to objective criteria of best practice and minimum standards, as well as an appraisal of the type of applications that actually lead to reductions in gross energy consumption, emissions and depletion of fossil energy resources.

Key milestones:
1) Draft methodology endorsed (M2)
2) FCH JU hand-over of methodology and tools (M18)
3) Finalisation of stakeholder consultation on methodology and benchmarks, consolidated and agreed project results (M24)

Key deliverables:
1) Atlas of European electricity grids
2) Methodology and benchmark handbook
3) Catalogue of case studies and definitions
4) Development status and gap analysis for stationary fuel cell systems
5) Training and background workshop for FCH JU